10 Trendy Accessories For This Summer

Adding some trendy summer accessories to your wardrobe is the perfect way to transition to a new season without having to spend too much money! Here are our favorites of the season.

1. Big Hair Pins

Hair pins are back, and they are making a statement! We are not talking about the small hair pin we had as a kid. We are talking about a really big one, and it won't make you look childish at all.

2. Woven Beach Bags

A woven bag is perfect for a day in town or a trip to the beach. As an added bonus, they're quite durable and inexpensive!

3. Summer Fruit Earrings

Make your summer statement with these delicious cute earrings.

4. Cat Eye Sunglasses

When you put them on, you'll automatically feel 100 times sassier and cuter.

5. Straw Hats

A straw hat goes with so many different outfits, and brings a relaxed vibe to your summer look. Not to mention...sun protection!

6. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are back! Dad fashion is making a comeback, and you can spot people rocking the hats on the streets and runways. Are they cool or dorky? We think they're pretty cool.

7. Transparent Sandals

Why wear boring sandals when you can wear some trendy transparent ones?

8. Headbands

If you want to put your hair down, but are afraid it will be too hot to keep your look fresh, a cute headband will be your savior this season.

9. Anklets

Summer is the time to show off your legs and cute little toesies. It's also the prime time to show off a cute yet sexy anklet.

10. Woven Shoes

Flip flops are great, but if you want to go for a girly or retro look that will keep your feet cool we highly recommend giving a nice woven sandal a try.

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