Pamper your feet and they’ll take you far in life!
Electric Foot File

Gently run this device over your feet to remove calluses and dead skin. Your feet will be as smooth as a baby!

Brown Sugar Exfoliating Foot Mask

Many of us use the occasional face mask, but forget that our feet need the extra care too. Use these masks 3-4 times a week; the results are worth it!

Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Cream

Use this moisturizing cream nightly, and cover your feet with plastic wrap and socks while you sleep for even deeper penetration.

Eco&More Tea Tree Oil

Use tea tree oil after showering to prevent fungal infections and eliminate foot odor.

Electric Heating Foot Bath & Massager

Soaking your feet in hot water can help improve your blood circulation and relax the muscles, leading to a better night's sleep.

Electric Foot Warmer

Many cultures believe that cold feet can lead to a lot of health problems, especially for a woman. Keep your feet warm at all times with a foot warmer or a heating pad.

Herbal Foot Soak

Over 46,000 packs have been sold on Taobao! According to the directions, steep these herbs in hot water and then soak your feet for 20-30 minutes per day for relief from sore muscles, headaches and more.

Protective Shoe Pad

Not only will they prevent your heels from sliding around, but they will also help prevent foot pain when breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Strawberry Cotton Slippers

Don't go barefoot, whether you are inside or outside.

LHL Foot Massager

Treat your feet well after a long day of work. A 10–20 minute massage session before going to bed is exactly what you need.

4D Arch Support

Most shoes don't come with sufficient arch support. Adding some extra padding will make walking and standing more comfortable.

Nail Clipper Set

Keep your toes looking their best! Make sure to cut your nails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails.