5 Chinese Cosmetics Brands Chinese People Are Loving Now

Korean and Japanese cosmetics have earned themselves a stellar reputation in recent years, but the Chinese cosmetics industry is currently on the rise! Many Chinese influencers have been raving about these five domestic labels.

Perfect Diary

Perfect Diary is a makeup brand established in 2016 in Guangzhou. This young and fashionable beauty label is committed to developing cosmetic products suitable for Asian skin types, without compromising on quality. At the same time, the beauty label actively encourages youths to express themselves with makeup. Check out some of their popular products below!


Judydoll is an affordable brand that has been gaining popularity recently among Chinese netizens. Their package design is cute and simple, and has captured the hearts of many young teenage girls.


Mao Geping is a makeup legend in China and he is also the founder of MAOGEPING cosmetics, one of China's major domestic brands. His make-up range was inspired by Chinese classical poetry, paintings and costumes that reflect the country's rich history.


Chioture Cosmetics was established in 2009 and has been promoted by many Chinese Internet celebrities. Theirs skincare products are primarily made from natural ingredients.


Meiking's goal is to create natural make-up and skincare products that can work together to protect the skin. Their products are sold throughout the world, and their skincare line targets problem areas such as wrinkles and enlarged pores.

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