5 Easy Ways To Make Your Period More Bearable

If there's one thing that all girls can agree on, it's that periods are no fun. To make them a bit more bearable, here are some products you can use to alleviate menstrual cramps and keep you more relaxed and comfortable every month.

1. Drink chamomile tea

Studies have shown that chamomile tea can help relax muscles and alleviate bloating. Having two cups of tea every day, or during the week before your period starts can make a real difference. If you aren't a huge fan of the taste, try adding some honey, lemon juice or ginger.

2. Take supplements

These supplements are known to help prevent menstrual cramps, but even if you don't experience cramps you can take them for an extra boost during a period that is making you more tired, sore and groggy.

3. Massage with essential oils

Massages relax the body, relieving tension in your lower abdomen muscles that may be causing menstrual cramps. The calming scents of essential oils can also bring you to a more relaxed state. Try giving yourself a massage with some aromatic essential oils for about 20 minutes when you are experiencing any pain.

4. Apply heat

There's nothing better than being comfortable and warm when it's that time of the month. Heat helps calm you and relax any sore or cramped muscles. A portable heat pack will keep you nice and toasty wherever you are. Keep it on your stomach or lower back for some much needed relief.

5. Improve the quality of your sleep

Getting a good night's sleep can do wonders for you during your period. Check out our 15 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep article for some useful tips.