5 Genius Ways To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

It's finally spring, and it's time to expose our skin to some much needed sunshine.While the all natural look has been growing in popularity in recent years, some of us may still want to remove some pesky, unwanted body hair. With so many body hair removal options available, it can be difficult to determine which method is best for you and your body. We've listed out the pros and cons of the most popular options on the market today to help make it easier!


Waxing removes hair from the root. Apply a layer of cool or heated wax or sugaring gel to your body, smooth a cloth over it and then tear it away.

- affordable
- results last two to four weeks (some people will start to see regrowth sooner due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle)
- hair grows back thinner

- this treatment can hurt, especially if you have sensitive skin
- can be a bit messy to do at home if you are inexperienced


Most of us are already familiar with shaving, whether you are male or female. It's a quick and easy fix for unwanted body hair as it quickly slices it down to the level of the skin or otherwise.

- quick and easy
- cheap (although the costs may add up over time)
- can help exfoliate your skin by removing dead skin cells

- may cause ingrown hairs
- danger of cutting yourself or breaking a capillary from removing the hair
- may leave dark marks on the skin

Hair-Removal Creams

If you're tired of shaving all the time but you don't want to face the pain of waxing, a hair removal cream might be just what you need. Use your fingers or a spatula to apply a thick, even layer of the cream over the unwanted hair. Leave the cream on for the amount of time recommended in the directions and remove the cream (and hair with it) with a damp washcloth or spatula after.

- quick and easy 
- it is less likely that ingrown hairs will develop

- contains strong chemicals and has a strong smell some people may find unpleasant
- hair may grow back in a few days
- hair follicles may still be visible


An epilator is composed of rotating tweezers that grab onto the hairs and tear them out by the root. It might sound painful, but many people prefer it to waxing. Here's all the info you need to decide for yourself!

- long-lasting results
- can grab really short hairs that waxing can't
- if maintained well, it will be a one-time purchase
- convenient; you can do it anywhere

- can be more painful than waxing, not suitable for people with very sensitive skin
- may cause ingrown hairs or skin redness

Laser Treatments

Laser hair removal is a popular, semi-permanent hair removal option that damages the hair follicle to minimize hair growth. After a treatment, hair remains in the skin, but will fall out after a few days.

- reduces hair growth
- minimal to no pain
- most people see permanent results after a few sessions
- works on all skin tones

- costly
- time consuming

Ultimately, it's entirely up to you what method you would like to use! For more information, please consult a professional dermatologist.