5 Sandal Trends You Need This Summer

Get yourself a cute pedicure and check out these sandal trends! Pretty soon it will be too hot to wear anything else...

Chunky Sandals

We all know that big, "ugly" sneakers are in, and it turns out that chunky sandals might just be even better. The ridiculous tourist sandals you remember from your childhood have been given a chic upgrade. And best of all, you can wear them for hours without any pain!

Irregular Heels

This year, fashion giants like Dior and Jacquemus have decided to focus their attention on the heels. They've make the heel of a shoe become a true piece of art, and we are absolutely loving it!

See-through PVC Sandals

If you feel like you've been seeing through everything lately. Clear PVC is a hot trend this summer. We've been spotting it everywhere, from bags to backpacks to slippers and of course, sandals.

Woven Sandals

Calling all women born in the wrong era. Add a sweet vintage vibe to your look with some woven sandals that will add texture and style to your favorite summer outfits.

Animal Print

Animal print shoes are still in! Pair them with a neutral outfit to give them the full attention that they deserve.

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