5 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Needs

We all know that there will never be enough shoes in this world to satisfy some women. But here are 5 types of shoes that should be irreplaceable.

Classic High Heels

A basic pair of go-to heels are essential for dressing any outfit up. Just be sure to grab some blister prevention cream for new heels!


Sneakers will never let you down. You can wear just about anything with a pair of sneakers, and we’ve found a pair where socks are optional too!

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a great option for those days when you want to look cute and put together, yet still feel comfortable. These shoes can be paired with almost anything, and different styles of flats can create different looks!

Girly Sandals

The perfect way to add a feminine touch to a simple outfit you just threw together in the morning. These are a wardrobe staple and will instantly perk up your look!


A pair of good boots can keep you warm in style, even when you’re dressed like a human burrito in colder weather. They will take  you wherever you need to go.