Summer is in full swing here in China, and the warmer weather definitely has us all in a more laid-back mood. The feeling of fun and the endless possibilities that come with hotter days just makes life seem dreamier and softer, doesn't it? Add that ethereal aesthetic to your wardrobe this season with these must-haves! From flowy pieces that will float on your skin, to comfy staples you can easily mix and match, you'll be all set for your sweetest summer yet with these styles.

Fairy Fabrics

Floaty ruffles are your friend this season, adding a playful touch to your outfit. Up your blouse game by adding some of these textured tops to your closet.

Flowy Bottoms

Sure, jeans are nice but stay comfortable (yet still fashionable!) in the heat with some looser and more lightweight bottoms. They're great for a day out in the sun and go well with many of the pieces you probably already have in your closet.

Boho Style

Bohemian chic and summer pretty much go hand-in-hand. This style keeps it light and breezy with lightweight silhouettes, and is so effortlessly feminine it's no wonder it's one of the hottest fashions out there. These pieces just radiate dreamy getaway vibes with free-flowing fabrics and vibrant colours.

Slip Dresses

The slip is definitely one of the most versatile pieces you could own. Wear it over a basic tee for a more laid-back look, or layered over a chiffon long-sleeve for something more polished. Or, throw a lightweight blazer on top if you're a little more prone to getting chilly. The possibilities are endless! Plus, the silky material means you'll be comfy yet chic all day.

Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

Nothing gives off more laid-back, summery vibes than a dress that hangs off your shoulders. Just add a cute bag and throw on your favourite slip-ons for an effortlessly chic look.


Backless shoes are one of the hottest trends right now, and for good reason! They're key to a polished off-duty look that will also feel comfortable on your feet all day. Plus, they're so easy to mix and match with pretty much anything!

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