8 Reasons To Do Yoga

Yoga is more than just regular exercise like running or going to the gym. It combines physical poses, controlled breathing and meditation. Yoga stretches your muscles and improves your flexibility and mobility. And it’s also an exercise for your mind. Yoga is about on being in the present, and focusing on the here and now will lead you to both physical and mental benefits. Here are 8 reasons why you should practice yoga!

1. Yoga will make you stronger

Since yoga is a full-body workout that focuses on both dynamic movements and static holds, it will target all of the muscles in your body. Using your body weight will strengthen the muscles you need in your daily life.

2. Yoga can reduce stress

The meditation part of yoga targets the nervous system that deals with stress and anxiety. The relaxation lowers the breathing and your heart rate, decreases blood pressure and increases the blood flow to the organs. A calm and relaxed mind will also help you sleep deeper at nights.

3. It makes you flexible

When practicing yoga regularly you will notice gradual loosening in your muscles that will make you bend your body like never before.

4. Yoga can help you relieve chronic pain

Are you having back problems? Maybe you should give yoga a try. Yoga practice increases your range of motion and your flexibility. The consequences of this may help you cure thepain completely.

5. Yoga improves your self-esteem

Having a positive attitude and practicing yoga can make huge difference on how you think of yourself. Regular practice can help you experience feelings like gratitude, empathy and forgiveness.

6. Yoga can improve your sex life

Stress has many negative effects and one of them is decreased sexual desire. By reducing stress and anxiety with yoga it will improve the quality of your orgasm and make your sex life even better!

7. It improves your posture

Yoga helps you sculpt your back and gives you that proud posture that makes you walk taller.

8. You can do it anywhere at any time!

All you need is your body and breath.

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