Getting tired of recycling the same outfits over and over again? Forget to do your laundry? No worries! Skip the closet-diving and rummaging this time with these 4 ways to make more out of classic outfit combos and closet staples. Here are 8 stylish outfits using common items for easier mix-and-matching, and never have deal with this fashion dilemma again. Plus, a lot of these items are very versatile, and can be used in a number of ways.

T-Shirt and Jeans

It's time to upgrade your go-to outfit of t-shirt + jeans when there's nothing else to wear. This combination is so simple since everyone has these items, and is super versatile. Accessorize to make your outfit pop, or make it city chic with the right shoes and bag.

1. All About Accessories

Accessories are one of the best ways to add that extra pop that an outfit might need.

2. City Girl Chic

With some fancier boots and a cute newsboy hat, you're all set for an Instagrammable adventure in the city!


Got some dresses gathering dust in your closet because you have no idea how to include them in an outfit? Here are two ways to get some better use out of them while looking cute.

3. Tuck in a Turtleneck

You've heard of wearing a t-shirt under slip dresses. Why not try out a turtleneck too? This outfit gives effortlessly chic vibes.

4. Bodycon as a Top

Want some more use out of your shorter, tighter dresses? Just tuck them into a pair of jeans.

Oversized Pieces


Are you a hoarder of your boyfriend's clothes? Or, single and just happen to own some pieces that are way too big? Either way, here's how you can upgrade your oversized clothes.

5. Adding a Corset

A corset is just what you need to take that oversized shirt from "I'm wearing my boyfriend's shirt as pajamas" to a sophisticated shirt dress.

6. Tuck It In

Or, tuck that dress shirt into a flowy maxi skirt (to avoid visible wrinkles and bunching up) for an office-appropriate look.

Unique Silhouettes

Having nothing to wear might be a sign that it's time to think outside of the box with your outfits! Here are two ways you can experiment with new looks that will definitely pay off.

7. A Dress...But Make It Edgy

Dress + combat boots = a sundress with a little edge.

8. Oversized Blazers

Blazers are a great way to upgrade your outfit and make it more stylish. Pair an oversized one with a t-shirt and some jeans for a more polished on-the-go look. Just make sure your jeans are on the shorter side to balance out the blazer!

This article was inspired by bestdressed!

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