8 Work-Appropriate Summer Styles

It can be difficult to put together a nice outfit for work when it's hot and humid outside. We recommend stocking up your wardrobe with these 100% work-appropriate items and you will never be out of ideas for what to wear everyday! It'll save you time in the morning, too.

Wide Legged Trousers

Tight pants are not your friend during the summer. Wide legged trousers are super comfy and keep you cool while not showing too much of your skin.

Long Shirt Dress

This fashionable, yet formal dress will carry you through the summer. Just slip it on, throw on some nice shoes and you're ready to go!

V-Neck Jumpsuit

Three words: onesies for grown-ups! You can layer a t-shirt inside, or quickly throw on a blazer and your outfit will be ready for your next big meeting.

Off-Shoulder Blouse

They show just the right amount of skin, and you can keep it on for your hot date right after work!

Formal Shorts

If shorts are allowed in your office, then don't be afraid to wear a conservative option that flatters your figure but doesn't reveal too much.


A blazer can make a lot of your non-work clothing ready for the office! Just style a structured blazer on top, and you'll be grateful that you have it when the AC is blasting all day inside.

High-Heeled Sandals

The heel is high enough to demand respect, but not so high that your feet will hurt. Sounds pretty great to us!

Midi Dress/Skirt

The length of a midi dress or skirt allows you to wear it all year round! Choose a fun pattern if you dare, and you'll find that you've brightened up an otherwise drab office space.

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