What is Hanfu?

When people think of traditional Chinese clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the 旗袍 (qipao), the fitted patterned dress that seems to be quintessentially Chinese. However, 汉服 (hanfu) is also another major clothing style that is special to the Han Chinese identity and history. It is characterized by an upper garment (either a robe or a shirt) paired with a lower garment (typically a pleated skirt), and dates all the way back to the Han Dynasty. This style has also influenced other Asian clothing styles, such as the Korean hanbok, Japanese kimono and yukata, and others.

The Hanfu movement is a recent social trend that has been dedicated to reviving and adapting these ancient fashions to modern times. Check out and shop some of our favorite Hanfu-inspired pieces below! These are perfect for the right special occasion, for those interested in incorporating these classic styles into modern-day wear, and make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Hanfu Style for Women

Hanfu for women was usually characterized by flowy attire made from natural materials. From blouse-and-skirt sets to comfy yet stylish tops, these classic pieces can definitely make their way into a cute, tradition-inspired outfit. Shop some of our favorites below, which can easily be incorporated into a cute summer outfit.

Hanfu for Women

For the rest of our selection here, and find some plus-size options for women here.

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