What We’re Buying These Days: Winter Accessories Edition

Here at Baopals we spend a lot of time looking at products, and it is only natural that we would pick up some up for...
Here at Baopals we spend a lot of time looking at products, and it is only natural that we would pick up some up for ourselves. We've got over 800 million to choose from, after all. Here are some of our most recent orders of winter fashion accessories, personally vetted by our beautiful female Baopals team members!
Wool Blend Beret

This winter I become obsessed with all kind of hats and this one is my favorite. It makes my whole outfit become extra classy and elegant.

---Lela C., Content Team

Star Town Shoulder Bag

I love the pastel color of this bag, it's just so cute and matches well with my outfits. It's also a classic, but not boring design.

---Shane Y., Service Team

Knit Hair Band

Even after 10 years I still have difficulty communicating with local hairdressers. Luckily, these headbands saved my life. Light, stretchy but not too tight, and very cute!

---Van N., Design Team

Retro Velvet Earrings

The wine red velvet color looks nice against my skin. The earrings are good quality and easy to match with my hair, clothing and makeup.

---Ding D., Service Team

ODDSTORE Metal Heart Earrings

I really like these earrings, they are light and cute. I also really like the price! Unfortunately, I lost one so now I am trying to look cool only wearing one.

---Ginger W., Content Team

Soft Cashmere Scarves

These scarves are so soft and luxurious. They are also very warm. I got the beige one for myself, but I want to get more colors!

---April X., Service Team

Fuzzy Winter Earmuffs

It's always tough to choose the right hat, so I went with some cute earmuffs instead. My ears have never been warmer.

---Anastasia K., Service Team

CARAMELLA Cute Rabbit Socks

These socks will keep you warm and are very cute. They are non-slip and you can wear them indoors without needing any house slippers.

---Elaine Z., Service Team

Cute Mitten Gloves

If you’re the kind of person that always loses a glove, this thin string is definitely the end of your troubles.

---Sophie S., Content Intern

Electric Foot Warmer

So this is technically not an accessory, but my feet are always cold and this is a lifesaver!

---Chris Y., Admin Team

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