Prepare some festive outfits for yourself this holiday season. The most fashionable time of the year is coming and someone is waiting for you under the mistletoe!

For A Christmas Movie Marathon

Spending an afternoon or evening (or let's be honest - an entire day) watching Christmas movies is a must! And even if you are just lying at home in front of a TV, matching pajamas are never a bad idea.

For Baking Christmas Cookies

You will definitely need a Christmas apron for this! Wear something comfy like a T-shirt and a pair of loose trousers, but be sure to add a Santa hat to add a festive touch.

For Christmas Festivals

One of the best things about Christmas are the Christmas festivals. Dress your best when you attend!

For Singing Carols

Belt out Desk the Halls and We Wish You A Merry Christmas in a warm and festive outfit!

For A Christmas Party

Sexy, elegant and festive is how you should look for a Christmas party. The rule is choose any two colors in the Christmas color palette and mix them together. For example: red/white, black/green, gold/white...