Deodorants: Roll-on, Stick or Spray?

We'll keep this short and simple. It's hot. You need deodorant! But when it comes to deodorants, different types can achieve different effects. If one type doesn't work for you, switch it up until you find something that works! Here's everything you need to know get started.


Roll-on deodorants aka liquid deodorants are applied wet on the skin and dry within minutes. They are recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin.

- hydrating
- perfect for use after shaving
- easy to place the deodorant just where you need it

- requires time to dry
- can be sticky and difficult to layer because re-application can cause pasty underarms.


Deodorant sticks are available as antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirant helps protect against sweat and odor, and deodorant protects against odor. So be sure to choose wisely!

- holds off odor for longer periods of time
- can be taken on board a flight

- can block your pores
- can produce crumbles, balls and flakes when you sweat


Spray deodorants have been popular for many years and are more easily accessible in China. They apply dry to the skin, making them the fastest option.

- easy application
- dries quickly

- may contain harsh chemicals
- are hard to travel with due to TSA regulations
- may cause health issues from too much inhalation
- cause cloud of fragrance when sprayed

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