Con-GRAD-ulations, you've finally made it! All those late-night study sessions, early morning classes, and marathons at the library have finally paid off and it's time put on that cap and gown. The dress code for a commencement ceremony is definitely a lot different from typical student attire (which probably consists of more sweatpants and sneakers than you'd like to admit), so coming up with the right outfit to wear for your big day might be a bit of a challenge. If you're debating on what to wear, we've got you with this round-up of 8 graduation outfits that capture 4 different styles you can wear to properly celebrate finishing school!

Fancy Looks

Win graduation with these fancier looks! This red dress not only goes well with a graduation gown, but will also make you a standout with its gorgeous arm detailing. You'll also be turning some heads with this black dress, thanks to the added white sash that accents and flatters the waist.

Classy Looks

These two outfits are definitely keepin' it classy without overdoing it. White is definitely a graduation go-to, but cute lacy patterns will definitely keep you standing out in the crowd. You can also never go wrong with florals, like this sleeveless dress that is as cute as it is stylish. Pair with some accessories and comfortable (but still dressy!) shoes, and you're all set.

Mature Looks

Planning on a less traditional look that doesn't involve a skirt or dress? A cute yet comfortable two-piece suit might do the trick, like this G.Shero set. Or, go smart casual with a sleeveless blouse and straight trousers. Finish it off with a pair of cute flats for maximum comfort, or your favorite heels.

Girly Looks

Want to pull off something on the girlier side? Go bohemian chic with this light and flowy dress that will add some playful patterns under your grad gown. Or, opt for this gorgeous bell-sleeve dress. Both these outfits go great with chunkier or lower heels, which will be a lot more comfortable than most other fancy shoes (your feet will thank you!).

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