How It’s Made: Not Just Pajama

Not Just Pajama is a luxury lifestyle brand created in London that primarily works with pure silk for their products. Their offerings focus on providing stylish comforts in the home, and include silk home wear, bedding, accessories and resort wear. Many of their designs can be customized with embroidery and other fine details.

China is the world's largest silk producer, and the earliest example of silk was found in Henan province dating back 8,500 years. Silk is a well known product of the Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces of China, and before the regions were separated, the area — referred to in ancient times as Jiang Nan — was given the nickname of "Silk Town". The region's climate is very suitable for silkworms, and silk has been manufactured there for centuries.

NJP invited us to check out their factory in Jiangsu province and find out what it is like to work with such a unique and delicate fabric.

Step 1: The process starts with a very careful examination of the silk to make sure it is flawless and free of any tears. Any small defects are marked with a sticker and counted. "If the sticker count exceeds a certain amount per square meter, we will send the silk back to the manufacturer," says factory head Mr. Xu.

Step 2: Silk that passes the inspection is cut into smaller pieces and then inspected again. If any issues are found the entire piece is discarded. It is then cut into specific shapes to be carefully sewn together.

Step 3: Tags, buttons and button holes are added, and any excess threads are clipped and removed. Again, every centimeter of the finished product is inspected and if there are any issues it is sent back.

Step 4: The completed product is ironed carefully. The inner lining and hems are also ironed.

Step 5: The factory has an employee dedicated to packaging the product so it looks just right. She spends a few minutes per item of clothing, carefully folding it so it will not be wrinkled in the packaging. Tags are attached and the packaged item is placed into a decorative box with a sprig of lavender. This is not your average clothing factory that churns out tens of thousands of pieces a day!

As mentioned above, many NJP products can be embroidered upon request with a custom name or message. The process takes an additional 3-5 days.

Some of our favorite NJP products!

You can find them at Best of British, a showcase of British brands, lifestyle and innovation from October 18-21 in Shanghai.

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