French style has become revered for its effortlessly elegant look from head to toe. The style can be described as minimal and neutral, yet versatile and stylish. Comfort always takes priority. Surprisingly, there are actually only a few items that every French girl relies on in her closet. Here are some of our favorites. They can be easily mixed and matched to achieve the most parfait look!

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Silk Scarf

The silk scarf has been a symbol of style since the 1930s. It can be worn in so many ways, either around your neck, as an accessory on your bag or in your hair!

La Marinière Top

The very French marinière top is a really cute and versatile item to add to your closet, giving your look a casual Frenchy vibe.

Structured Blazer

This item is in every chic French girl's wardrobe. It's not just for formal settings; match it with a t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans for an easy, elegant look.


This is a very classic and easy to wear shoe that won't take too much attention away from the rest of your outfit. Parisian girls wear flats all year round, weather permitting of course.

Trench Coat

The trench coat will be your best friend in spring and early winter. Throw it on for an instant upgrade, and feel free to stray from the classic beige color.

Black Leather Bag

A leather bag is elegant, practical and convenient. It never goes out of style and you can wear it every day of the year. A must have!

Straight Leg Jeans

You won't often find a French woman in skinny, tight clothing and jeans are no exception. Straight leg jeans are the popular choice, preferably a pair of Levi's 501s. They're comfortable and casual, and flatter in all the right ways. Luckily we have found a variety of cheaper alternatives!

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