Sick of spending a small fortune each October? Last minute Halloween plans? Or just simply want to embrace your witchy side? Check out our seriously spooky selection of Halloween accessories... they're definitely more of a treat than a trick!


Pumpkin Choker

Don't be the Jerk O'Lantern who has no costume! Wear this cute choker to look like you've made some effort.

Dripping Blood Choker

An easy accessory for the 'oh, my costume? I'm a Zombie' look.

Pokemon Pumpkin Necklace

Gotta catch them all... Halloween edition. Less spooky more cutey with this Pickachu necklace.

Bat Necklace

Not batty about Halloween? This necklace is a simple nod to the spooky season!


Bat Earrings

Wear with a black top to make it look like this is an intentional costume.

Celestial Earrings

Look, and feel, like a star in these cosmic earrings. So subtle you can definitely wear them all month long!

Ghost Earrings

Normally find Halloween pretty ghoulish? These earrings will hopefully change your mind!

Nightmare Before Christmas Earrings

The perfect earrings for the person who wants to celebrate Christmas too early, whilst remaining suitably creepy.


Minnie Mouse Headband

I'm a mouse... duh! A multi-functional headband: for both Halloween and your next trip to Disney.

Witch Hat Headband

No need to have a resting witch face at the Halloween party thanks to this easy accessory!

Cat Ears

Did you really think we would do a Halloween article and not include the most basic bitch costume of them all?


Seeing as Maleficent 2 is now out in cinemas, this headband is perfect!

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