Ovni sneakers (if you’re French), Grandpa or Dad shoes (if you’re American), or just “those big, ugly sneakers” if you’re from elsewhere in the world have made a huge comeback this past year. The alien-like sneakers you might have scoffed at several years ago are now found on the runways of Balenciaga with their Triple S model and Louis Vuitton with their LV Archelights. Nike is getting in on the action too with the comeback of their Air Max 97s (original pictured below).  

While the sneakers may look like they from another planet, they aren’t without any charm. In addition to their futuristic and modern design, these shoes are just plain comfortable to wear. So it’s no surprise that people have embraced the trend that contrasts so starkly to the simple and classic tennis shoe trend we’ve been seeing lately.

If you’re into the fashion scene, you might already own a pair of these shoes. But they aren’t exactly easy to style, due to their bulky and oversized appearance.

We’ve made it easy for you and found some nice looks to be inspired by. Pair these shoes with some athletic socks, straight pants, a shirt or even a pair of high-waisted “mom jeans” and you’re good to go!


Models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have fallen for the shoes and mixed them with a trench coat and classic blazer.


Fashion bloggers Xenia Adonts and Aimee Song paired the shoes with shorts for a casual daily look.


Brazilian model Thassia Naves and fashion blogger Claire Marnette adopted them for a casual yet put together look that you can never go wrong with.


Pair these sneakers with your semi-formal wear for a more casual, yet classy look. Seen on fashion blogger Laetitia Nimah Kutob.

Are you convinced? Here are some of the best shoes we’ve found, from the original styles to some significantly cheaper alternative options.

Guest blogger Concetta Borli is always talking about shoes and doesn’t have any room in her closet to store all of them! She can’t skip out on this new shoe trend as she can definitely use another 5cm added to her height.