Now that the festive season is over, many people are going on tropical vacations, like Bali. That's why we made the best tropical vacation guide for you, to make packing for your vacation easier!


Beach Bags & Towels

Colorful beach bags and towels are essentials when it comes to going on a tropical vacation.

Bathing Suits & Sunglasses

We love colorful bikinis and bathing suits! Also, wearing a sarong is perfect for beach and pool days. They're stylish and easy to wear! Besides bathing suits, having a pair of sunglasses is a must. Mix your sunglasses up,  we love the different styles and colors of these sunglasses!

Sunny Hats & Sandals

It will definitely get hot in Bali so you will need a hat! Straw hats will protect your beautiful face from the sun. Sandals are an essential too. If you like casual sandals you can go for the Havaiana flip-flops, or you can go for some leather sandals that will give you a more stylish look.

Useful Gadgets

How cool is it to take some underwater photos when you are snorkelling? These gadgets are a must have on a tropical vacation!

The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Travelling light? Simply shop the e-book of The Ultimate Bali Travel Guide! Embark on an unforgettable journey around Bali, Nusa Lembongan, the Gili Islands and Lombok as we reveal the most exciting hotspots and must-do’s across these tropical paradises.

Discover spectacular hotels and enchanting boutique stays, indulge in extraordinary cuisine at award-winning restaurants and hip cafes, sip cocktails at the dreamiest sunset bars, tick off your must-do activities and recharge at the islands' heavenly spas.

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