Let's start with some basic rules we are probably all familiar with already.

  1. Know the dress codes of your company. Observe the style of the company and its employees, and dress accordingly. If you work in finance you probably wouldn't dress the same way you would if you worked in the fashion industry!
  2. Find the right balance. Add your own original touches to an outfit, but keep it professional.
  3. Keep it simple. Combine two to three colors at most, and keep accessories minimal.
  4. Don't show too much. Elegance in the office is important. Save those plunging necklines and short skirts for the weekend!.
  5. Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion. The most important rule is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Here are some of our favorite basic pieces you need to add to your work wardrobe today! All of our images are taken from the product's details tab, and you may click on the images to take you to the actual product.

The Winter Coat

Enhance your professional look with a coat that has a flattering cut and shape.

The Blazer

This is the ultimate basic that will take your look from bland to classy in the blink of an eye. Try it cropped, oversized, or long...each style will give you a different look!

The Dress

Simple, easy to wear and feminine, the dress remains a must.

The Top

Opt for the classic, clean-cut button up shirt to match with many different styles of pants or skirts. If you want something that will transition well to your date nights, choose a light blouse. In winter, a knit turtleneck or sweater will keep your look professional and cozy.

The Bottoms

Keep your pants and skirts streamlined and refined. They'll look nice, and might just end up being the most comfortable bottoms you own!

The Shoes

Be careful with how you select your shoes. It might not seem like it, but they can on their own mess up a look. Loafers and flats are the easiest choice, but if you can manage it heels will give you the ultimate look of a lady boss.