Here at Baopals we spend a lot of time looking at products, and it is only natural that we would pick up some up for ourselves. We've got over 800 million to choose from, after all. Here are some of our most recent orders of body care products, personally vetted by our beautiful female Baopals team members!
The Face Shop Shower Gel, 500ml*3

This series of body washes from The Face Shop have been my favorites for 2 years now. They smell great, and wash off easily yet don't leave the skin dry or sticky. The designs are gorgeous too!

---Van N., Design Team

Fresh Rose Petal Toner

I use this toner all the time back home in Canada, and I’m so glad they have it here! It lasts a long time, it evens out your skin so nicely. The roses make it so refreshing to put on your face.

---Renee, Content Intern

RE Body Lotion

I like the smell of this lotion very much. The bottle also has a nice design that looks good in my bedroom!

---Regina, Service Team

Lady Speed ​​Stick Deodorant

I used to buy this in the United States, and I am so happy I found it here! Works really well and smells nice.

---Ginger W., Content Team

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist

I always choose fragrance mists over perfume. This fragrance mist from Victoria's Secret is my newest bae and a must have every time I go out and want to smell sexy but not too sexy.

---Lela C., Content Team

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion

Bath and Body Works’ products smell so good, and Warm Vanilla Sugar in particular is a popular option. I love that it smells like a pastry, but classy.

---Evelyn, Content Intern

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

This shower gel from L’Occitane is the best I have ever tried. The smell of almond is to die for and it leaves my skin soft as a baby.

---Lisa A., Content Intern

NUXE Hand Cream

This hand cream is so soft and smells really good. I always carry it with me.

---Lisa J., Content Intern

Clean On Me Shower Gel

I fell in love with this shower gel a few years back. It smells nice and leaves you with soft skin. When I found it on Baopals I was so happy!

---Alice, Service Team

Eco&More Body Wash

I’ve been using this body wash ever since I found out about this brand. I like that they are environmentally friendly!

---Zara, Service Team

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